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Zoo in My Hand Cut Out Book


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Product Details

Zoo in My Hand is a delightful childrens activity book. Containg 40 pages of coloured paper, each with an animal outline, ready to cut out.

Each page contains an outline drawing and text reference, in 6 languages, for the animal it represents.

All you need is a pair of scissors. Once cut out, a dotted line indicates where a fold may be necessary,otherwise each symmetrical animal created stands on its own ready to let a childs imagination run wild.

Having some crayons or paint handy may add to the excitement.

Because of its compact size it is particularly useful if you are travelling. It packs snuggly into a rucksack or case.

It makes a lovely gift for grandchildren,nephews, nieces or godchildren.

In total you can create a colourful menagerie of 40 animals including mammals, reptiles, birds, fish and insects.

They can easily be tidied away and used again.

For ages 8 and over.

Please be advised crayons and scissors are NOT included.