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Set of 10 Gift Envelopes


 2015 04 13 00074
 Set of 10 Gift Envelopes 2
 2015 04 13 00074

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Product Details

A stunning set of gift envelopes and an essential in any wrapping drawer.

Perfect for giving money, store gift cards, gift vouchers or theatre tickets on occasions when you really want to elevate your gift above the ordinary.

Each set contains 2 envelopes each of 5 traditional Indian animal motifs and include elephants, camels, bulls, parrots, peacocks and horses.

Each envelope is paper lined in a vibrant colour that matches the animal motif on the outside and has a rich floral design highlighted in gold.

The envelopes are made from card and therefore feel sturdy. They also have an appealing slightly pearlised appearance.

Made from: Recycled card.

Dimensions: L 19cm x H 8cm